Kim Kardashian’s Soulfood Snapchat Recipe

Kim Kardashian had a snap a few months ago where she mentioned that Kanye had missed southern cooking (Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, and Sweet Potatoes) and wanted her to learn. Chrissy Teigen tried it and said it was amazing. She did it again last so week so I'm finally recreating. This is a serving for two.… Continue reading Kim Kardashian’s Soulfood Snapchat Recipe

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Best Picture: “Moonlight”, My Honest and Unbiased Review (Spoiler Alert)

I wanted to take some time to let the Oscars resonate with me. I really wanted to take the actual time to watch the movies that were nominated, and then create my own opinion. The media and the internet cause so many mixed reactions; there are so many different viewpoints shoved in your face that sometimes it's really… Continue reading Best Picture: “Moonlight”, My Honest and Unbiased Review (Spoiler Alert)