My Issue with Tess Holliday and the Obesity Movement

I was on Instagram yesterday and I came across Tess Holliday’s page. I really hate to add fuel to this fire and this new movement that tries to push the narrative that being obese and unhealthy is okay, because it is not. I do not like giving it attention but I felt that this one time is absolutely necessary. The reason that I decided to give this awful movement the time of day is because I was scrolling through the comments and noticed that there is a trend amongst her fans… a very DISTURBING trend amongst her fans.

Her fans are expressing the idea that being morbidly obese and dealing with “fatphobia” is the same as racism, that being obese is similar to having brown skin, that it’s similar to dealing with the institutionalized oppression toward minorities. See outrageous comments screenshot below:


This horrible human being seems to think that “our liberation is all bound together.” I want to make it abundantly clear that my liberation has nothing to do with the obesity movement’s so-called “liberation.” I took one look at this person’s profile and she is a moderately obese white woman who is virtue signaling. The idea that anyone would think that her being obese is anywhere near similar to that of being a minority or having brown skin is absolute nonsense and absurdity.

Obese white women have adopted some cause out of thin air and this movement needs to be stopped in it’s tracks. This “anti-fat shaming movement” all started as a wonderful movement with a just and righteous cause, stopping people from being unhealthily anorexic, putting a complete halt to shaming women who are 10-20 pounds heavier than Kim Kardashian. But as usual, there are some horrible human beings out there that had to highjack a cause and make it all about them. They are taking advantage of a just and logical movement and trying to make some strange civil rights movement out of it. This movement WAS NOT started to make it so that society had to accept you being 300-400 lbs overweight and couldn’t react to it.

Tess Holliday’s monstrous and idiotic fan goes onto to define racism for people, using her white privilege to make the narrative about her, not the actual issue at hand. Being plus size does not mean you have endured the pain of living in low income housing amongst other brown people and minorities or had to overcome marginalization. I guarantee she has never been profiled for any reason, besides asking if she needed a dressing room at Torrid.

I had heard in the background that this was starting to become a cause, and I had brushed it off. I was not stupid to the fact that being morbidly obese wanted to be embraced as being different, because everyone seems to be fighting for something in this climate. The fact that anyone would think that posting photos of yourself at 500 lbs in lingerie is some form of “social justice” cause is mind-blowing. There are real people out there who have experienced REAL injustice. People are born in their skin and have to deal with it everyday of their lives. No matter how many times a day we run on a treadmill or join Weight Watchers, the color of our skin DOES NOT change. For crying out loud, anything and everything cannot be injustice. Save it for the people who actually have to endure who they are and the skin that they live in.

Every time an obese white woman says “our liberation is bound together,” a minority is out there fighting for actual justice, by going to school and getting a job, setting a standard for our people, not perched up on Tess Holliday’s Instagram trying to school people on what is and what isn’t racism or how to liberate people. I am in no way saying that being obese is easy or that it’s easy to lose weight, because everyone but that 5% of crazy skinny women out there fight like hell to be healthy, nobody should be undermined but to confuse this so called “injustice” with racism is wrong.

If you hear and see someone saying anything like this, do not sit quiet. It’s sad that I had to take my personal recipe blog that little to nobody reads to THIS LEVEL of intensity, but this bothered me and it should bother everyone else too.

Good day.


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