Big Grove Brewery Review, Solon, Iowa

This weekend I had the privilege of going to visit my roommate from my freshman year of college at the University of Iowa. We had so much fun together, leaving high school and getting an apartment instead of staying in the dorms. It is really hard to believe that was almost 10 years ago. We caught up over beers with our men. Tasty beers.

Iowa City is increasingly becoming more expensive to live in, so people are wising up and moving to the outer towns, which are expanding and gaining character. Iowa is no stranger to the popular breweries. A lot of people like to think that we don’t have much going on in this great state, but we do, and it’s awesome.

On our plates: Parmesan Fries, Deviled Eggs, Soft Pretzel, Roasted Mushroom Pizza, Mac and Cheese

When I’m trying a new place, I really like to go all out and order EVERYTHING, hence the reason for so many appetizers. The pizza I got was fabulous. I have never been a fan of mushrooms my entire life, I would pick them off and say hell no, but recently I am really enjoying their texture and their taste. The pizza was amazingly seasoned with just the right amount of garlic. It didn’t have any marinara, mostly just a white sauce. If you haven’t been able to tell from my other blog entries, I’m obsessed with arugula and they didn’t skimp out. Amazing. Topped off with big flakes of Parmesan. Everything that we ordered off of the menu was nothing short of delicious. I highly recommend trying everything that hit our table.

I will definitely be returning to Big Grove Brewery. I love good breweries, IPA’s have a very special place near and dear to my heart. I am trying to cut down because I go too hard when I drink beers and if you have one too many IPA’s, it can get messy fast. It just goes so well with pizza.

They are opening a Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City, probably because of the demand. Solon, Iowa is a cute little town and I’m glad that they are growing. The smaller towns in Iowa have such a bad wrap, but I think people are starting to appreciate the “country” life.. or the “quieter” life. I always thought that leaving Minneapolis would be one of the biggest disappointments of my life, but I like being close to my family and I actually really love the state of Iowa.

I know I started writing this blog because of my at-home recipes and writing about making good food happen at home, but it turns out that there are a lot of good places to eat in Iowa and they deserve recognition. We have been making trips outside of Waterloo, visiting places from this list: It’s getting warmer out and we even got to sit outside on Saturday (yes, in February). I enjoyed every moment and I hope that we continue to make these great trips and I will continue to review these gems.


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